Until recently, cybersecurity has primarily been seen as a domain in the hands of experts with technical degrees instead of a domain that may benefit from co-creating solutions with people. Given the growing cybersecurity skills gap, ignoring this asset would be a severe oversight. Not only can people help mitigate the immediate impact and duration of severe incidents on critical infrastructures, they also constitute an adaptive force enhancing a region’s cyber capabilities. natural disaster. Modern cybersecurity approaches need to include people.

Our vision is to establish an independent and non-combative organization that works – similar to the voluntary firefighter brigade (“Freiwillige Feuerwehr”) – in concerted efforts with (governmental) teams of cybersecurity experts. We propose a Cyber Resilience Network for the Canton of Zurich (CYRENZH) – a response to the persistent call for enhancing cyber-resilience through interdisciplinary public-private partnerships that engage all levels of civil society.

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