Engaging Volunteers

Until recently, cybersecurity has primarily been seen as a domain in the hands of experts with technical degrees instead of a domain that may benefit from co-creating solutions with people. Given the growing cybersecurity skills gap, ignoring this asset would be a severe oversight. Not only can people help mitigate the immediate impact and duration of severe incidents on critical infrastructures, they also constitute an adaptive force enhancing a region’s cyber capabilities. natural disaster. Modern cybersecurity approaches need to include people.

Our vision is to establish an independent and non-combative organization that works – similar to the voluntary firefighter brigade (“Freiwillige Feuerwehr”) – in concerted efforts with (governmental) teams of cybersecurity experts. We propose a Cyber Resilience Network for the Canton of Zurich (CYRENZH) – a response to the persistent call for enhancing cyber-resilience through interdisciplinary public-private partnerships that engage all levels of civil society.

Cybersecurity Clinic

To increase resilience to cyberattacks, security must be actively addressed. However, many organizations (which includes companies, municipalities, schools, and others) lack the awareness, skills or resources to do so. This is where the CYRENZH  Cybersecurity Clinic can provide assistance. The idea of this clinic is that students from University of Zurich, ZHAW School of Engineering and ZHAW School of Management and Law provide pro bono cybersecurity services to selected organizations in Switzerland.