CYRENZH Cybersecurity Clinic

Cyberattacks are prevalent in today’s world and everybody may become an attack target. Successful attacks may have serious consequences, such as the theft of sensitive information, corrupted data and systems, and the inability to continue business operations, possibly for an extended period of time. Ultimately, successful cyberattacks typically lead to financial and reputational damage.

To increase resilience to cyberattacks, security must be actively addressed. However, many organizations (which includes companies, municipalities, schools, and others) lack the awareness, skills or resources to do so. This is where the CYRENZH Cybersecurity Clinic can provide assistance. The idea of this clinic is that students from University of Zurich, ZHAW School of Engineering, and ZHAW School of Management and Law provide pro bono cybersecurity services to selected organizations in Switzerland. The clinic has two main goals:

  • Improving the cybersecurity posture, knowledge and awareness of organizations such as SMEs, municipalities, schools, non-profits, start-ups and associations.
  • Training the next generation cybersecurity workforce by applying knowledge acquired during university courses in the real world.

As students from different universities and disciplines are participating in the clinic, we are covering various aspects of cybersecurity, including technology, management, organization, and people.

Are you an eligible organization and are you interested in carrying out a clinic project with us? In this case, please fill in the project request form. We will contact you within two weeks to clarify further details.

If you are unsure about your eligibility, whether your project idea is suited for a clinic project, or if you have general questions about clinic projects, please contact us by email.

How Does a Clinic Project Work and Who is Involved

Eligible Organizations

Cybersecurity Services Offered in the Clinic

Students Carrying out the Clinic Projects

  • University of Zurich: Master program Digital Skills at School for Transdisciplinary Studies
  • ZHAW School of Engineering: Bachelor and Master programs in Computer Science
  • ZHAW School of Management and Law: Bachelor and Master programs in Business Information Technology

Clinic Project Volume and Planning

Mutual Expectations

CYRENZH Cybersecurity Clinic Leadership Team and Contact

Cybersecurity Clinic Service Portfolio

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