Ph.D. Network

The CYRENZH Ph.D. Network in Cybersecurity aims to connect excellent students with a master’s degree, supervisors, and funding opportunities and facilitate interdisciplinary research. The network is a “proof of principle” and a precursor to a potential “Cybersecurity Ph.D. Program”. Therefore, the network currently relies on bringing together interested students and supervisors on a case-by-case basis.

Supervisors have expressed an interest in principle in supervising excellent candidates in cybersecurity (technical and non-technical topics). Ph.D. candidates can submit their project proposal (incl. CV, diplomas, project description, and funding) or contact potential supervisors directly. In the first case, the CYRENZH office distributes the research proposals among potential supervisors.

Coordinator: Benjamin Ambühl ()

University of Zurich

Markus ChristenEthics and Cybersecurity
Karsten DonnaySecurity Policy
Lucas LeemannSecurity Policy
Joachim RosenthalCoding Theory, Cryptography
Christian SchwarzeneggerComputer Crime and Cybercrime
Burkhard StillerSecurity in Communication and Distributed Systems
as well as for Applications and Systems
Potential Supervisors at University of Zurich

Zurich University of Applied Sciences

For these supervisors, an additional university supervisor with right to award doctorates is required.

Dirk BaierCybercrime
Nico EbertHuman Factors in Security and Privacy
Gürkan GürCybersecurity in Next-Generation Networks
Markus HackenfortPsychology, Sociology, and Security
Sigrid HauenbergerVolunteers in Cybersecurity
Peter HeinrichInfrastructure Security & Recovery
Simon KünzliEmbedded Security / IoT Security
Stephan NeuhausSoftware Security
Martin OchoaInformation Security
Ester ReijnenCognitive Psychology and Security
Marc RennhardSoftware Security
Andreas RüstEmbedded Security / IoT Security
Ariane TrammellInformation Security
Potential Supervisors at Zurich University of Applied Sciences

ETH Zurich, D-​GESS

Verena ZimmermannHuman Factors in Security and Privacy
Potential Supervisors at ETHZ

Existing PostDocs in Cybersecurity

Benjamin AmbühlHuman Factors in CybersecurityNico Ebert (ZHAW, SML)
Melanie Knieps (UZH, DSI)
Alberto HuertasAn Intelligent and Privacy-preserving
Framework for Providing Secure and
Trusted Resource-constrained Sensors
Burkhard Stiller (UZH, IfI)
Julia LiebCoding Theory and Postquantum CryptographyJoachim Rosenthal (UZH, IfM)
Bruno RodriguesDDoS Mitigation Systems and StrategiesBurkhard Stiller (UZH, IfI)
PostDocs in Cybersecurity

Existing Ph.D. students in Cybersecurity

PhD StudentTopicSupervision
Jan von der AssenThreat-based Cyber Risk ManagementBurkhard Stiller (UZH, IfI)
Niklas GassnerCode Based CryptographyJoachim Rosenthal (UZH, IfM)
Christian KillerPrivacy and Verifiability in Decentralized
Electronic Voting Systems
Burkhard Stiller (UZH, IfI)
Salil Kanhere (UNSW, Australia)
Fabian ReinhardAgent-Based Cybersecurity Simulation ModelingKarsten Donnay (UZH, IPZ)
Lucas Leemann (UZH, IPZ)
Neele RochUsable SecurityVerena Zimmermann (ETH, D-​GESS)
Thierry SchalteggerHuman Factors in Cybersecurity
Nico Ebert (ZHAW, SML)
Karsten Donnay (UZH, IPZ)
Kurt Ackermann (ZHAW, SML)
Lorin SchöniHuman Factors in CybersecurityVerena Zimmermann (ETH, D-​GESS)
Silvia SconzaMathematical Primitives for Public Key
Joachim Rosenthal (UZH, IfM)
Wissem Soussi
Machine Learning Driven Cognitive Techniques for
Trustworthy and Secure 5G/B5G
Burkhard Stiller (UZH, IfI)
Gürkan Gür (ZHAW, SoE)
Thomas SutterMobile & Operating System SecurityMarc Rennhard (ZHAW, SoE)
Timo Kehrer (Uni Bern)
Abigail SuttonCryptographyJoachim Rosenthal (UZH, IfM)
Simran TinaniGroup Based CryptographyJoachim Rosenthal (UZH, IfM)
Adrienn TothLearning ScienceVerena Zimmermann (ETH, D-​GESS)
Existing Ph.D. Students in Cybersecurity