At  CYRENZH we conduct interdisciplinary research projects involving researchers from the University of Zurich, ZHAW and ETH Zurich in particular. Both technical aspects of cybersecurity (e.g. cryptography, computer science, information systems) and non-technical aspects (e.g. psychology, sociology, politics) are to be considered. We work together with companies and the public sector in the canton of Zurich.

In joint research projects, we investigate issues that affect people, processes, and technologies in equal measure. How can successful cyberattacks on organizations be explained and how can future ones be prevented? How can people be sensitized to the issue of security? How can human strengths be used when AI reaches its limits? What can we learn from other disciplines (e.g.,safety science, risk research)? What cyber risks are associated with new technologies (e.g., conversational LLMs)?

If you are a researcher in any field related to cybersecurity and are interested in a collaboration, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can also invite a limited number of fellows to Zurich (e.g., for a presentation). In the past, we have been able to invite Prof. Karen Renaud or Prof. Sokratis Katsikas, for example.