OSINT for Students: 2nd Run

“I really love this kind of ‘detective’ work!” This is the feedback of on of our students taking our OSINT course. It’s exciting to see them dive into data security and privacy, blending theory with engaging, hands-on exercises.

OSINT and Operational Security (OpSec)

After our OSINT introduction course last fall, we got a bit more technical this semester. We equipped students with a wider range of advanced OSINT techniques and emphasized the importance of covering their tracks. Just like before, we made sure they understood how to ensure the reliability and validity of their results, and the legal and ethical implications of using OSINT. It was fantastic to also see law enforcement and journalists showing interest in the course!

The Next Step

With the successful pilot behind us, we’re thrilled to announce a full 3 ECTS course this fall for Master’s and PhD students. If you’re a student in Zurich, keep an eye on the VVZ for enrollment details to be published soon. We’re eager to welcome motivated students from all backgrounds!

Thanks a lot to Tom Hofmann and the School for Transdisciplinary Studies for making this course a reality.

Leyla, Markus, Mel