Leveraging Games for Education – Perspectives from Cybersecurity and Sustainability

Last week, I had the privilege to speak at the #SecurityAwarenessDay, where I had the opportunity to learn from outstanding speakers and interact with enthusiastic attendees. One key insight that emerged was the challenge of actively involving people in learning about cybersecurity, which requires “capturing their attention”. A new approach to learning – the use of games – was addressed in several talks. But what skills can games genuinely cultivate? And how can educational topics be playified?

Join us on Nov 9th at the “Leveraging Games for Education” event, where we’ll delve deep into the use of games for topics like cybersecurity and sustainability. Get ready for an exciting journey into the future of education! 🎮📚🌍💡

Our speakers Mela Kocher, Nija Sonja Böckler and Katja Dörlemann will provide us with theoretical as well as practical insights into the opportunities games have to offer for education. This joint ZHdK and UZH event at UZH Digital Society Initiative will be moderated by Hiloko Kato (Chair DSI Community Gaming) and myself (Chair DSI Community Cybersecurity, CYREN ZH).

You can register here: https://cyrenzh.ch/event/gaming-cybersecurity/

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